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Happy Tree モンテソーリインターナショナルプリスクールは三重県松阪市の開校8年目となる小さくてアットホームなインターナショナルスクールです。一緒に働いてくれる方を募集しています。子どもが好きな方、英語が好きな方ぜひ履歴書を沿えてご応募ください!ご気軽に連絡ください。090-5860-0443 または に履歴書に送ってください。



フルタイム 平日 8:30〜17:00 (この時間帯以外をご希望の場合相談可)

パートタイム 平日 勤務時間ご相談ください




  • 1歳から6歳までの幼児の保育

  • 保護者対応、一日のお子さまの様子を連絡帳に記入

  • 年間行事の補助

  • サマースクール、スプリングスクールの補助

  • 延長保育




  • 子どもが好きな方、楽しんで働いてくれる方

  • 英語が堪能な方、または英語で日常会話が出来る方

  • 保育経験のある方

  • モンテッソーリ教育に関心のある方

  • トレーニングを通し成長する意欲のある方

  • スタッフや保護者とよいコミュニケーションをとれる方



給与: 月20万~30万円  ※昇給制度あり 











保護者やスタッフ間でのコミュニケーションを大切にし、お子さまの成長の為に力を合わせて日々奮闘しています。業務のほとんどはお子さまの保育やネイティブの先生と一緒にクラスの保育計画や準備をしていただきます。子どもたちを信じ、見守り、成長を促していく当スクールの方針を理解していただける方で、熱意と責任感のある方をお待ちしています!ご気軽に連絡ください。090-5860-0443 または に履歴書に送ってください。

We are always seeking qualified teachers and teacher assistants so please feel free to send us your resume. Salary and wage will often depend on experience and certification, but we are also happy to train you. If interested, please contact with your most recent photograph and resume/CV.


Happy Tree International Preschool and Afterschool Elementary Program Teacher


We are a small English immersion preschool in Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture in Japan looking for fluent English-speaking full-time preschool/afterschool program elementary curriculum teachers.


Hours: 8:30~5:00 Monday ~ Friday  Or afterschool program teachers will have slightly different hours or higher salary with more hours. 


Duties will include:

- Teaching and caring for children ages 1-5 and assisting them with learning in the classroom in English.

- Planning and implementing English and Montessori curriculum and lessons alongside senior teachers.

- Communicating with parents, building a curriculum, and preparing materials for the classroom and lessons.

- Teachers will work alongside an assistant teacher

- Planning and helping with school yearly events outside of school hours

- Summer and Spring School


Applicant must be:

- hard-working and efficient

- speak native or fluent level English

- experienced working with children age 3-6

- patient

- willing to improve through training

- communicate clearly with staff and parents


Prefer applicants who:

- have certification for teacher/childcare/Montessori

- can understand and speak Japanese

- are passionate about education

- are looking to or open to staying in Japan long-term

- are creative and can take on various responsibilities

- are experienced teachers or certified teachers

- artistic, musical, have other teachable skills and interests


Benefits and Pay

- Pay will depend on experience and training.

- Learn Montessori with a chance to get official certification

- Relaxed at-home environment with kind and helpful staff and teachers

- 4 weeks paid vacation per year and national holidays off

-Pay ranges from 200,000〜300,000 Yen per month plus pension program (health insurance and pension)

Happy Tree International Preschool Assistant Teacher


Teacher will work alongside a native English speaker with teaching experience, but will largely be in charge of care duties, discipline, and caring for and interacting with students to guide their learning.


This is a great chance to start at the ground level of an international preschool with a progressive curriculum and a welcoming and fun environment. As the school grows there will be plenty of chances for career development, additional responsibilities. We are seeking those who have a desire to improve and build a curriculum and environment that is safe, respectful, and which foster a love of learning in students.


Applicants must have:

- a love of caring and guiding children

- preschool/nursery school teacher certification  (degree in early childhood learning/childhood development)

- experience teaching children in the classroom

- English at a conversational level

- be able to help form curriculum

Preferred applicants should:

- speak both Japanese and English fluently

- have experience or interest in Montessori and other progressive models of teaching

- be ready to learn new teaching and care styles

If interested, please contact with your most recent photograph and resume/CV.

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